MediaPost – Infusing Innovation to Keep Your Marketing Cutting Edge

Explore the necessity of embracing innovation through new technologies, leveraging data-driven insights, and maintaining a consumer-first approach to thrive in the competitive marketing landscape. It highlights using data to adapt to market shifts and improve ROI, utilizing AI to enhance efficiency and tailor client-centric solutions, and stresses the importance of proactive planning for future trends and technologies. The piece advocates for continuous learning and agile, innovative testing to maintain a competitive edge. – click to read the full article now.

MarketingProfs – ‘Subtractive Innovation’: Four Steps for More Efficient and Effective Marketing

Explore the power of ‘less is more’ in marketing with our latest post on MarketingProfs, where Allie Haupt, Innovation Lead, delves into the concept of subtractive innovation. Learn how rethinking strategies, like Dyson’s bagless vacuum breakthrough, can lead to streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and better outcomes. She covers four key steps to adopt a subtractive mindset, encouraging marketers to pause, evaluate, and focus on what’s essential for success. Read now to transform your approach and discover the benefits of simplifying to amplify results.

The Drum – 4 Questions to Help Build Your 2024 Marketing Budget

Elise Stieferman from Coegi presents four principles to guide marketers in determining their 2024 marketing budget. Addressing the perennial question of how much revenue to reinvest in marketing, she acknowledges the complexities of planning a new year’s strategy amid heightened goals, market pressures, and competition, and emphasizes the importance of aligning with CEOs and CFOs on budget allocations for achieving these objectives.

MediaPost – 5 Ways To Evaluate Brand Partnerships

Unlock the secrets to successful brand partnerships by harnessing the power of audience research, developing content that is relevant, and strategic execution for impactful marketing. This essential guide offers marketers a comprehensive roadmap to create meaningful, long-lasting customer relationships. Don’t miss out on these expert strategies to elevate your brand – click to read the full article now!

The Drum – Unraveling the Multidimensional Consumer Tapestry

The pursuit of inclusive marketing is a shared goal, but the path to achieving it remains elusive. In this article on The Drum, Coegi’s Stephanie Dwyer outlines four actionable steps to foster inclusivity within the intricate customer journey of today.

MediaPost – Why All Marketing Should Be Niche

There are very few institutions in American life (besides maybe Taylor Swift) that are truly ubiquitous today — not sports, higher education, the Supreme Court, or even beer.  Mass appeal is still possible, but there are strong headwinds to this approach.

In this article from MediaPost, Coegi’s SVP of Marketing and Innovation, Ryan Green, discusses why brands should ditch the mass messaging and turn their focus on niche audiences in today’s landscape.

MediaPost – 8 Mid-Market Brand Tips to Outsmart the Competition

Very few brands have the budget of the P&Gs of the world. But proactively planning the core components of your brand marketing strategies and building continual learning into your day-to-day will help the team accomplish more with less. Coegi’s Elise Stieferman shares eight mid-market brand tips to gain market share from enterprise brands by using a flexible advertising strategy:

The Drum – The Concept of a Marketing ‘Funnel’ is Flawed

The traditional marketing funnel no longer works for the modern customer journey because it makes assumptions about consumer behavior that are great in theory but not reflective of reality. In this article on The Drum, Coegi’s Elise Stieferman explains why it is time to drop one of advertising’s favorite concepts and  how your brand can strategically drive performance in the modern  marketplace.  

The Drum – Prepare for the ‘Trough of AI Disillusionment’: H2 2023 Predictions

As we hit the second half of 2023, The Drum brings you a tasting menu of Drum Network leaders‘ predictions, from AI disillusionment to… fungal growth and changes for pet owners. Elise Stieferman, director of marketing and business strategy, Coegi predicts that “AI will be H2 2023’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: both hero and villain for marketers, depending on expertise and perspective.” Learn more from Elise and other industry leaders in this article on The Drum.

The Drum – Attribution Matters: Navigating an ‘Uncomfortably Complex Topic’

Attributing results to particular channels or campaigns is arguably digital marketing’s most dogged problem, with an array of approaches mutating as platforms change. Coegi’s SVP of Marketing and Innovation advises that “it’s not just GA4 that will upend your attribution models. The latest iOS17 update will reportedly strip link trackers from being passed through message, mail, and private browsing. It’s yet another action chipping away at the scale and effectiveness of last-click attribution and website analytics.” Learn more from Ryan and other experts here.

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