6 TikTok Tips for Advertisers

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TikTok advertising provides a unique opportunity to engage with potential customers in a highly authentic way. However, what was successful on other social platforms won’t necessarily shine on TikTok. Before you jump into advertising on TikTok, it’s important to understand the algorithm and the user expectations. 

Befriending the TikTok Algorithm

The sometimes infamous, sometimes beloved TikTok algorithm serves content to users based on their interests and engagement on the app. If an individual likes, shares, and comments on videos about parenting and gardening, for instance, they’ll continue to see content around those topics of interest. There are endless corners of niche content such as “book tok”, “mom tok” and “gym tok” which brands can tap into.

To most effectively reach your target audience, consider which videos your ideal consumers are likely interacting with. Tailor your content to their interests, down to the captions, sounds, and hashtags.

Once you have a clear understanding of your target persona, use these TikTok advertising tips to drive success:

Six TikTok Tips

(1) Define your purpose and brand message

Enter TikTok with a clear understanding of why your brand is there. Know what you want to tell consumers, understand what they value and are interested in, and learn what kind of messaging they are receptive to. Without these things in mind, your message may be miscommunicated or lost (the algorithm can be unforgiving). 

(2) Use influencers to build trust and authenticity

Influencers are a priceless resource when it comes to reaching your audience, especially on TikTok. Contrary to popular belief, influencer marketing drives lower-funnel results, is accessible for all budgets, and applies to any industry vertical. Micro influencers are especially important on TikTok to boost your brand authenticity. These creators often have more engaged, albeit smaller in number, followers. They are also experts on the platform and will help you create organic-looking content users are more receptive to. 

(3) Understand and take advantage of trends

Nothing turns users away from a TikTok campaign quicker than a blatant lack of understanding of trends. Of course you must craft creative content that is unique and represents your brand. But to really grab your audience’s attention, design creatives to seamlessly fit into the ‘For You’ page through tone, humor, and aesthetics. Avoid being out of touch with your target demographic by devoting time to actually becoming familiar with the platform and observing engagement patterns and trends firsthand. 

(4) Know the purpose and importance of short-form video

Short form video (6-30 seconds long) drives higher engagement than nearly any other media format. It’s TikTok’s bread and butter. With this platform, the message and draw of a video outweighs its length. Play around with the style, format, and timing of posts to see which combination gains the most engagement for your brand. 

(5) Lean into analytics

Dive into TikTok Business Analytics to track which type of content performs best. This is especially useful when trying new tactics or A/B testing to determine what works and what doesn’t. You should also use audience analytics to understand who your content is reaching. TikTok’s targeting parameters are relatively broad, so this data can provide a better view of who is actually seeing and engaging with your brand. 

(6) Entertain your audience, but keep it authentic

Authenticity is mandatory on TikTok. Your sponsored content must feel organic to drive positive engagement and create meaningful results. Don’t be afraid to embrace dancing trends, create comedic skits, or insert your brand into the latest trending sounds. Be prepared to craft energetic and encouraging replies to user comments, and even look to those comments for inspiration for future videos. Be as approachable as possible to establish a brand community on TikTok. 


Successful TikTok advertising can mean different things to each brand. Whether the goal is increased engagement, social buzz, or sales, following these six TikTok tips will help you move the needle in the right direction. Embrace creativity and innovation to reach your audience in a way that makes a lasting positive impression on the fastest growing social platform. 

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