Travel and Tourism Marketing: The Digital Guide

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The travel and tourism marketing is rebounding as the industry surges above pre-pandemic levels.

Are you taking advantage of it?

This guide gives you everything you need to know before launching a digital travel marketing campaign. 

2022 Travel Marketing Trends

After the tumultuous years of the pandemic, travel and tourism is finally experiencing a surge in demand.

In fact, 72% of survey respondents plan to spend more on domestic travel in 2022. Another 62% plan to take 2-4 trips in 2022.

Digital ad spend by travel brands follows a similar upwards trajectory.  

Stir-crazy leisure travelers, vacationing families and business travelers alike are eager to explore new places and experiences. How can your brand use strategic travel and tourism marketing to be incorporated in those plans? 

How to Succeed at Travel and Tourism Marketing

Travel books and printed pamphlets are a thing of the past. Now, it’s time to lead with digital tactics.

Today’s travelers are finding inspiration for trips on digital channels. Younger travelers in particular are taking this a step further by shifting to mobile devices over desktop, looking to the brand’s website or Instagram to get a sense of what they can expect. 

To reach the modern traveler, brands need to create a seamless experience across digital channels from awareness to check out/visit.

Explore ways to create immersive experiences that blend physical and digital worlds. 

You’ll also need to create a strategic, customized approach to target your optimal audience on the most impactful channels.

Your Guide to Success

Download this guide to learn how to:

  • Leverage the latest travel and tourism marketing trends
  • Create the optimal media mix for your brand with the most impactful channels
  • Implement cookieless solutions to reach your target audience
  • Measure the ROI from omnichannel travel marketing campaigns

Ready to take off?

View and download the guide below!

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