2023 Social Media Advertising Trends Marketers Need to Know

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Social platforms are no longer one dimensional. Instead, channels are blending shopping, entertainment, online gaming, and content sharing to better keep up with shifting consumer needs. There are more opportunities than ever for you to not only show up on social media, but do so in a way that drives meaningful business results and long-term customer loyalty. 

So, what strategies should you be focusing on for your brand’s social media presence in 2023? Here are our top social media advertising trends for 2023 to level up your strategy: 

#1: Social Platforms Becoming the Preferred Search Engine

Both Meta and TikTok made major strides with improving search functionality in 2022. These advances and shifting consumer behavior laid the groundwork for more product discovery via social media search in 2023. 

What You Need to Know:

Social Search Tips:

  • Review your social media presence from an SEO lens. Explore ways to optimize your content including your profile preview, captions, alt text, hashtags, location, and more.
  • Conduct research on sites like SemRush, Google Trends, or AnswerThePublic to find trending search terms.
  • Use a blend of branded and unbranded keywords to show up for key queries as well as trending hashtags. 

Social Media Trend #2: Growth of Social Commerce

The growth of social commerce will continue in 2023. However, trends like live shopping and social commerce experiences in the metaverse are falling out of style. Instead, expect a greater focus on more practical, in-feed shopping ads that lean into consumer preferences for convenience and speed. 

What You Need To Know:

Social Commerce Tips:

  • Stay on top of platform updates and new e-commerce features, especially on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest. Allot a portion of your social media marketing budget to test and see which tactics drive the most social commerce sales for your brand.
  • Focus on creating engaging content first, that is then supported by shoppable posts and e-commerce integrations. 

Social Media Trend #3: The Rise of Micro and Nano Influencers

Brands are dedicating more resources to the multi-billion dollar influencer marketing industry. Why? Because it is an increasingly effective and, in the case of micro and nano influencers, cost-efficient way to build trust, awareness, and authenticity for your brand. 

What You Need To Know:

Influencer Marketing Tips:

  • Concentrate on micro and nano influencers whose profile content aligns with the interests of your target audience and whose followers look and behave most like consumers you want to reach. 
  • Incorporate influencer marketing into your overall digital media plan for omni-channel consistency and efficiency – don’t isolate it from the broader strategy. 

Social Media Trend #4: Short-Form Video Rules

Short-form video will continue to dominate the creative space – whether on TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, or Snapchat Spotlight. With shortening attention spans, people expect quick-hitting content on social media. This is especially true for paid advertising. 

What You Need To Know:

Short-Form Video Tips

  • Prioritize video content – it’s what people want to see and the social platforms are placing it higher in the hierarchy of feeds. 
  • Adapt your video style to fit the expected user experience and technical dimensions of each platform. Follow these video creative best practices to create an engaging experience without the need for expensive production.

Social Media Trend #5: Demand for Authenticity

The BeReal boom is a clear indication that today’s social media users are looking for authenticity. And, they are hypercritical towards brands that fail to match the organic user experience or live out their core values, especially on social media. Paid ads should match the trends and style of the user-generated content (UGC) on the app. Ads that obviously look out of place in social feeds are seen as disruptive and can negatively impact brand image.

What You Need to Know:

Social Media Brand Authenticity Tips:

  • Get familiar with each media channel or platform and understand how to create native-feeling ads. 
  • Experiment with using popular sounds or trends that are native to platforms.
  • Show representation and diversity in your ad creative and ensure your content aligns with your brand values and your audiences’ values. 

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