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The coronavirus pandemic permanently altered the workforce and workplace. Many people lost their jobs or suddenly had double the workload to complete during the same 40-hour workweek. There is an entire niche of TikTok where users share their frustrations working in corporate America during the pandemic. In previous roles, I have seen some of my hardest working coworkers become burned out due to the company culture and lack of support from leadership, leading to high turnover. I can definitively say that the experience at Coegi is a refreshing change from that high-stress environment.

Coegi came into my life during a time when my anxiety levels were at an all-time high. From the first interaction, I could tell that this company was different. I had three levels of interviews and I could tell the employees genuinely enjoyed their work. The last interview was with Sean Cotton, founder and president of the company, who took the time to get to know me and explain Coegi’s culture and mission.

When I started with Coegi, I spent the first two weeks learning all about the company. Through various training modules, I learned about its employees, social media, programmatic media, and how everything works together. I was given ample hands-on training to help fill my gaps in professional knowledge in order to be able to do my job better and be set up for success at the onset.

The first part of Coegi’s manifesto states: “We believe in the household names, and the ones who are on their way. The ones grinding, defining and refining their worlds. The ones who know that growth requires purposeful innovation, strategic activation, and a media team they can believe in.” Every single employee believes and lives this out daily. Everyone who works at Coegi genuinely loves what they do and make it a priority to be on the cutting edge of social and programmatic advertising. We are encouraged and supported to be certified in platforms like Facebook, The Trade Desk, and Google Analytics to grow our careers and better serve our clients.

Coegi and its leadership understand that its employees are the company’s heart and soul. Beyond creating a positive work environment, there are many initiatives to improve employee morale that even the leaders participate in. These include a biweekly book club, cross-departmental mentoring program, weekly company-wide training with lunch provided, legitimately fun company outings, summer Fridays, yearly company retreats, and more. Many companies required employees to be fully in-office as soon as it was allowed, causing people to search for jobs that would allow them to continue to work from home. Coegi hits a happy medium by providing the flexibility to both work remotely and come to the office for collaboration.

There are many reasons why Coegi is a great place to work, but the bottom line is that the leadership team supports and trusts its employees. If you’re a marketer looking for a place to work, come join our team! If you’re an organization that is looking for an agency – please contact us! We will go above and beyond to deliver meaningful results while meeting all your digital needs.

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