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Coegi is a digital marketing agency that prides itself on being a positive and flexible work environment for our diverse group of employees. We strive to break away from the non-stop grind agency jobs often bring. This is supported by a set of values titled The Coegi Way. 

Hear from Coegi’s Senior Programmatic Specialist, Kyle Davis, to learn how the Coegi Attitude helps shape our company culture.

How Does Coegi Shape Attitude And Culture?

On my first day with Coegi, I met with our President, Sean Cotton, and he presented the company’s core values, known as The Coegi Way. This encompasses four key pillars: Attitude, Approach, Service and Culture.  The vision is that while we are always working hard for ourselves and our clients, we also take time to relax and have fun together.  When we dedicate time to educating ourselves, we bring new ideas to our clients that foster a stronger relationship. When we find insights that drive results, we trumpet those wins and celebrate achievement to build morale internally and externally. And when we find successes, we make our clients heroes.  

It clearly set the tone from day one, stating to this new employee in big bold letters, “This is who we are, this is what we are about.”  It was a very powerful meeting for me.  As someone who has been in the workforce for a while, I had never experienced such a strong message of a company’s culture and identity. I remember coming out of that meeting thinking that I had just been handed a roadmap to success within Coegi. 

Attitude’s Impact On Work-Life Satisfaction

Early in 2021, I went through a challenging period. I was working on several demanding accounts. My wife and I welcomed our second child, but he needed to have an extended stay in the hospital.  And generally speaking, fatigue of the lingering pandemic had set in.  

I was feeling the weight of the world. As stress and frustration sank in from all angles, I found myself battling through my days; I was working hard, but likely not as smart as I should have been. That frustration and stress took a toll on me, which carried into my work.  When new tasks or problems came through, I started to think “what now?” versus “how can I make an impact today?”.  I reached a tipping point, and was forced to look at myself in the mirror and understand that a change was needed.  

In my period of reflection, I remembered our set of guiding principles – The Coegi Way.  I went back to this roadmap and found the answers almost immediately. A change in attitude could help to change my approach. 

So I did. 

I became determined to face every situation with a new level of enthusiasm. I began to look at each as an opportunity to display my skill set, to learn something new, or to teach something to a coworker.  This attitude was infectious. By shifting my mindset, I reinvigorated my enthusiasm for problem solving and strengthened relationships with co-workers.  That renewed attitude is what I believe helped me to have a more self-fulfilling and, I dare say, more successful rest of the year.

How Attitude Influences Our Work

The Coegi Way was designed to inspire employees to maintain a light and fun atmosphere within the company, avoiding the continuous grind of the infamous ‘agency life’ that has created a bad taste in the industry.  It also serves as a mirror for employees. Whenever we find ourselves in a rut or a difficult period, a shift in attitude can help us get back on the right track.  

The Coegi attitude is exemplified by enthusiastic determination, responsible communication, pride in workmanship and a desire to be the best.  It’s an attitude that requires individuals to enjoy being problem solvers, to never do things halfway and always push for better, and stand behind their work.  It also thinks critically about the power and impact of our words, so that we can best communicate to our clients and teammates. 

Lastly, it’s about showing up and giving a full day’s work.  This concept has a special significance to me being the father of two young kids. If I can put forth my best effort during the day, I can feel proud of the work done and be content to step away and be the dad my kids deserve.

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