3 Ways to Prevent Ad Fraud

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Ad fraud is an essential, but often overlooked, part of the advertising campaign building process. At times, marketers focus so heavily on optimizing for a specific conversion that they fail to analyze the quality of media they are purchasing. The absence of protective inventory selection can lower the quality of placement and negatively impact performance.

“Without paying close attention to the digital environment, the journey to achieving extensive reach and rapidly building awareness can have a lasting negative impact on perception and category growth.”

Sean Cotton, President of Coegi 

How Can Ad Fraud Affect Campaign Performance?

Failing to put proper safety parameters in place creates vulnerability to online bots. This can project false conversions or views that skew performance data and cause media waste. Implementing a comprehensive quality assurance process is critical for minimizing fraud risk and creating results for your brand. 

3 Steps To Prevent Ad Fraud

1) Utilize Historical Data 

Leverage historical campaign data to identify domains with historical ad fraud issues. Also negatively target sites that have been deemed non-brand safe. Continually update this block list with low quality sites using tools such as MOAT to ensure you’re taking preventative measures. 

2) Apply Pre And Post-Bid Brand Safety Filters

Use bid exclusions for brand safety and suspicious activity filtering. Technology partners, such as IAS and HUMAN, provide bid verifications that block IP addresses that are known to be infected with malware and have bot activity.

3) Ensure You’re Compliant With Data Privacy Laws

While data privacy compliance is primarily in the hands of publishers, Coegi takes precautions and uses best practices to meet GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA compliance. Coegi has forged meaningful partnerships with a number of custom data providers in order to best accommodate our client’s needs, reach the right audience and keep ahead of industry trends.

By executing these strategies, brands can be confident their campaigns are safe from ad fraud and bid on the most effective ad placements. Ad fraud prevention is a top priority at Coegi and a focal point for every campaign build, which results in 80%+ average viewability and less than 1% ad fraud. This leads to better media performance and business results for our clients. 

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