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Ready to get started with connected TV advertising?

To many brand advertisers, television is the ultimate brand-building and storytelling medium. The TV is the largest screen in the house that rightly commands the lion’s share of the advertising budget.

Programmatic TV buying is beginning to take hold and will become a dominant buying procedure in the not so distant future.

Why Connected TV?

A key differentiator of CTV is in its use of audience data, allowing for addressability that can’t be replicated by linear TV.  Advertisers can use can first and third-party data, lookalike modeling and retargeting to connect with consumers across tactics and at every step in their journey.

This is possible because of cross-device mapping. This allows a user’s audience profile from other devices to integrate with their connected TV.

Unlock Coegi’s comprehensive guide to automated buying strategies for the new era of connected TV advertising.

The CTV/OTT advertising market is rapidly growing and ever-evolving as more and more consumers move to streaming services. Many marketers have questions such as: 

  • What is programmatic TV buying? 
  • What are the best buying tactics for CTV advertising? 
  • What are the emerging trends for the future of CTV/OTT advertising? 
  • How to determine your ideal TV advertising strategy? 

In this guide, we answer these key questions and more to enable digital marketers and media buyers to tap into the lucrative Connected TV opportunity. 

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