Driving and Measuring In-Store Traffic

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/ The Brief

Driving and Measuring In-Store Traffic

Using display and video campaigns, Coegi helped drive and measure in-store traffic for a beauty brand client during the holiday season. 

/ Highlights

$0.25 Cost Per Store Visit

/ Challenge

The Problem

A beauty retailer wanting to promote a beauty product with a small price tag needed a way to understand the effect of paid media on in-store purchase behavior. While the client’s website did have e-commerce, it only contributed to a very small percentage of product sales. 

This client sells its skincare and lip care products online and in retail locations across the US. Cost per item of these objects is about $3-7. While ecommerce is an important part of their business, shipping costs for consumers outweigh the price of one product. Therefore, retailer purchases drive the main portion of revenue for this business. 

The ultimate holiday goal – maximizing in-store purchases – is a conundrum many CPG brands face. How can marketing teams prove success of digital media when attribution to brick and mortar retailers cannot be directly linked in DSPs? 

/ Solution

What we did

Coegi ran a series of Display and Video campaigns that optimized for both Reach and Completion Rate. On a national level, Coegi aimed to reach as many users in the client’s core audiences and holiday shoppers as possible. The Foot Traffic Study tracked users in these audiences that saw ads and went into stores. 

Coegi used three core audiences to target this campaign – Eco Consumers, Millennial Moms and College Consumers. Additionally, we used holiday shopping audiences to maximize on the time of year and Factual custom audiences to target high-intent visitors to each of the retailers tracked in the Foot Traffic Study. Users were served retailer-branded creative to encourage in-store traffic. 

Overall cost per store visit was $0.25 across all media and four retail chains. Q4 sales reports from the retailers indicate that top revenue state numbers were directly tied with efficient cost per visit metrics per retailer. 

At midpoint of the campaign, the client sent the top performing Target locations, in terms of in-store SKU purchase data, to the Coegi team. In turn, we bid factored the corresponding geos with more Target-branded creative to increase performance. Sales continued to be seen at a high rate with this change.

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