Targeting Tourism Audiences With CTV Advertising Campaigns

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Targeting Tourism Audiences With CTV Advertising Campaigns

A state tourism client tapped Coegi to implement a CTV advertising campaign with the primary goal of driving awareness. After the campaign launched, the team noticed a disproportionate amount of the budget spend going toward one premium, high viewership channel, significantly limiting reach on other high-indexing channels. To correct this, the Coegi team implemented a test-and-learn bidding strategy that helped identify optimal bid numbers across platforms. This ultimately led to a more even spend, higher unique view numbers and drove impressive cost-per-unique-view numbers. 

/ Highlights

2.75M total views
470,867 unique reach
$0.31 cost per unique reach

/ Challenge

In programmatic CTV advertising campaigns, platforms will often optimize spend distribution towards total number of views. This oversimplification causes premium placements like Hulu to consume a disproportionate amount of the budget. That risk was actualized when early reporting showed 99% of the spend going to Hulu.

As a high-impact platform, Hulu was important to include, but both the client and Coegi wanted to ensure we were using other channels to expand the audience and maintain cost efficiency. That risk was actualized when early reporting showed 99% of the spend going to Hulu and only 1% driving views on the higher-indexing channels. This imbalance was immediately noted by the team, who were quick to adjust the strategy.  

/ Solution

Our specialists manually adjusted and optimized bids across different channels to create an even spend distribution. The goal was to identify the “sweet spot” that would give each strategic channel an appropriate amount of the budget.  Once the optimal channel mix was identified, the spend evened out to be 60% in Hulu and 40% distributed among the other channels. By serving ads to more niche channels such as Travel Channel, HGTV, and Discovery, we were able to reach key segments of the brand audience and boost overall ad performance. This generated 2,750,490 total completed video views, a cost-per-view of $0.05, a unique reach of 470,867 and a post-per-unique-reach of $0.31. 

Key Learnings: 

  • Premium CTV channels can, with standard optimizations, consume a disproportionate amount of the budget. 
  • Correct standard optimizations with a manual test-and-learn strategy to find a blanched budget spend across all channels. 
  • Strategically distributed spend leads to higher unique reach and greater cost efficiency in CTV advertising campaigns.

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