Drive Travel Consideration by Leveraging Local Collaborations

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/ The Brief

Drive Travel Consideration by Leveraging Local Collaborations

A Travel and Tourism client tasked Coegi with executing a co-branded, mid-funnel, video campaign to drive traveler consideration for both the location at large and their partner brand, a local restaurant. Using a cross-channel social media strategy, our teams saw strong results across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with cost-per-action numbers coming in below benchmark.

/ Highlights

126 Tour Guide Downloads
800K Instagram Post Engagements
2.47% Facebook CTR

/ Challenge

Our Travel/Tourism client proposed a unique collaboration with a local Thai restaurant owner with the goal of boosting traffic to their website and increasing awareness for both brands. We were provided well crafted how-to video creative from the popular chef to present to our audience in mid-funnel campaigns. This partnership allowed us to drive travel consideration among key audience groups. 


/ Solution

We used a multi-channel paid social strategy to target each platform’s specific audiences. Pinterest was used to encapsulate the ‘foodie’ audience, while Facebook and Instagram’s goal was to drive the large travel audience to their site. Both platforms included look-alike and retargeting segments to reach engaged users. Success was based on key website actions such as landing page views and post engagement.

This multifaceted strategy provided strong results. The Instagram and Facebook campaign achieved a CPLPV of $0.67 that came in well above our benchmark of $1.83. In addition, we also saw a 2.47% CTR, well above the 0.90% benchmark. The Pinterest campaign, despite having a smaller percentage of the budget, generated nearly 1.7MM impressions with a post engagement rate of 1.27% including 1,365 pin saves.

Key Learnings

  • Well-curated and professional creative catches the eye of your audiences – this important function pushed our audience down the funnel quicker than most by generating 126 Tour Guide Downloads within a middle funnel objective
  • With this creative campaign collaboration, our Travel/Tourism client was able to make a large impact on not only their brand, but a local chef and his growing restaurant. By partnering with an authentic, trusted figure such as a local chef or celebrity, brands can boost their image and drive audience engagement. 
  • Using “how-to” style Pinterest posts have a higher likelihood of being saved, and people will refer to them later. This ultimately drives site traffic and brand awareness.
  • By aligning audience strategy with campaign, platform, and formatting objectives, individuals will show immense interest in what your brand has to offer –  Both platforms exceeded our 2021 CTR, CPC, and CPLPV internal benchmarks. 

Recommendations for Brands

  • Tap into what your audience cares most about – if it’s supporting local business, use your platform to do just that.
  • Match creative to popular actions on each platform – Ex. use Pinterest for fun how-to and DIY videos 
  • Find creative ways to collaborate with other businesses with paid media to build community and boost your brand’s authenticity.

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