How to Drive Job Applicants for Healthcare Recruiting Campaigns

/ Case Study - Programmatic, Social

/ The Brief

How to Drive Job Applicants for Healthcare Recruiting Campaigns

A hospital client tasked Coegi with developing a digital healthcare recruiting campaign to drive interest and qualified website traffic for open job positions. Using a combination of social and display tactics, we were able to generate a significant increase in website visits and drive new job applications from a niche audience. 

/ Highlights

1,496 LinkedIn “Apply Now” conversions
10,000 page views from Display
0.63% Facebook CTR

/ Challenge

The ultimate goal was to drive maximal website traffic. But Coegi understood it was critical to ensure the visitors were qualified potential applicants. Due to restrictions on employment-based ad campaigns, the team was creative with data usage across platforms, especially Facebook. Additionally, the client was recruiting for multiple positions, each with different qualifications. This resulted in separate creatives and messaging for each job position, adding a layer of complexity to campaign execution. 


/ Solution

We identified three primary channels for this healthcare recruiting campaign: LinkedIn, Facebook, and programmatic display. 


Linkedin was chosen to reach the job-seeking audiences while they were searching. Plus, because they could use job title targeting to be confident the intended audience was being reached. This tactic led to the highest number of “apply now” conversions, with 1,496 submissions. 


Display was chosen as a tactic primarily to drive site traffic. Data segments allowed the team to reach niche job titles the client was promoting. It also allowed them to increase site traffic to the job openings where the audience could find positions fitting their skillset. Using custom data segments allowed for granular job title targeting, while also allowing the campaign to reach a larger number of likely users. 

For programmatic display, we ran all job titles in one campaign. Each ad set was targeting a specific job field driving users to unique landing pages. In addition to job-specific page clicks, the campaigns generated nearly 10,000 page views to the recruitment pages.  


With Facebook, we navigated targeting limitations since the campaign would run in a special ad category promoting employment. This forced a more generalized targeting strategy focused more on consideration rather than immediate conversion, driving scale for the campaign. Like display, this was primarily used to drive traffic to the site and make job seekers aware of open positions. On Facebook we saw a click through rate of 0.63%, exceeding the 0.5% benchmark. This led to 5,650 interview page views and 8,783 career page views. 

This cross-channel strategy allowed us to target niche job titles and drive high site traffic, despite ad category limitations. Healthcare and pharma brands often defer to brand awareness campaigns due to restrictions in targeting sensitive audiences and compliance laws. However, this campaign showed how health-focused brands can shake that mold and achieve out of the box, lower-funnel goals, such as recruitment, using strategic digital media plans.

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