Driving Marketing Results for Cryptocurrency Brands

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Driving Marketing Results for Cryptocurrency Brands

Emerging fintech brands face unique challenges not commonly found in the traditional finance sector due to ever changing societal, economical, and psychographic trends. Fintechs can often struggle with not only identifying and garnering the interest of niche customer segments, but also in harnessing the power of digital advertising. Read how Coegi engaged with a cryptocurrency brand to drive virtual event traffic within highly targeted audience segments via social media. 

/ Highlights

4,720 Site Views
.96% Click Through Rate
757,279 Impressions

/ Challenge

A cryptocurrency brand challenged Coegi and our partner, Wachsman, a communications-based strategy consultancy, to drive a variety of segmented audiences to register for, and attend, an upcoming online event – hosted by the cryptocurrency brand. Primary KPIs were event site visitations, measured in site clicks, and ticket purchases. The main challenge was to identify and capitalize on the appropriate social media platforms to align with the brand’s niche audience segments.

/ Solution

There are restrictions set on digital marketing for crypto brands and companies by a variety of social media platforms. So Coegi and Wachsman were not immediately able to leverage the platform most widely used by the brand’s audience. Through internal research and creative strategy, we were able to narrow down to Facebook and Instagram – with Reddit as an added opportunity for topic-based targeting. With Facebook and Instagram, we leveraged interest targeting, retargeting, and lookalike audiences. Each targeted ad was backed up by months of research and brand exercises completed by the Wachsman team, and supported by Coegi.

The campaign performed above average, concluding with 4,720 site views and a .96% CTR, compared to our .3% benchmark. This goal was based on internal benchmarks for the financial industry. In addition to strong social media ad engagement, the target audience proved further interest in the brand. The site experienced 191 on-site action clicks.183 of those clicks were attributed to the “Get Tickets” button denoted on the social media ads. This engagement was achieved while maintaining an average CPM of under $4 and CPC under $3.

During the campaign, the addition of a website retargeting audience and a lookalike audience of those users improved the overall performance. We drove a CTR 41% above the campaign average and the highest on-site conversion rate at .028%.

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