Driving Crypto Fund Creation for End of Year Giving Campaign

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/ The Brief

Driving Crypto Fund Creation for End of Year Giving Campaign

Endaoment, a tax-exempt community foundation focused on driving social impact, engaged Coegi and Wachsman to develop a marketing strategy that would scale their reach and drive conversions during the end of year tax season. The agency partners collaborated to create a customized media mix with a crypto-based audience-first approachthat leveraged programmatic display, paid search, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a direct buy to drive exceptional results for the team.

/ Highlights

3.9M Cross Platform Impressions
1,246 Conversions
5.76% Facebook

/ Challenge

The end of the year is a critical time for the brand as both taxes and giving are top of mind. As such, Endaoment engaged the Coegi-Wachsman team to not only develop a strategic marketing approach that would build brand awareness, educate key crypto audiences, and drive new fund creations – they needed to build and execute this full funnel strategy within a two month timeframe. 


/ Solution

To drive results for Endoament, Coegi started with in-depth audience research using our agnostic tech stack to determine the best tools to reach these niche categories of cryptocurrency owners. We used research partner, Resonate, to more fully understand the Ethereum enthusiasts and owners, inspiring an omni-channel, full funnel media strategy. Those insights informed our decision to use display, search and social channels to reach these niche audiences, while also implementing sequential messaging to lead them down the funnel.

Display and social campaigns were a cost-effective way to support and move crypto audiences through the consideration/education funnel. For social, we focused on LinkedIn and Twitter as our primary platforms as they are where crypto enthusiasts tend to spend most of their time. Search, a high-intent channel, was expected to be effective in driving action and generating web page visits from qualified audiences. Using keywords related primarily to end of year tax deductible donations, this tactic proved to be successful.

There were over 3.9 million impressions served cross-platform to highly qualified audiences and the campaign resulted in nearly 7,000 key website actions. This was an over 50% success rate from the 13,000 clicks on the ads. This reinforces that the ads were being clicked by highly engaged audiences who were motivated to further understand the brand’s offerings and, in several cases, go as far as to create a fund or find a fund to give immediately. This was also reinforced by looking at Google Analytics metrics that showed above benchmark metrics related to pages per session, session duration, and bounce rate.

Overall, our campaigns performed at or above expectations and created the user involvement aligned to goals laid out in initial strategy conversations.

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