Digital Out-Of-Home Drives Full-Funnel Performance Lift

/ Case Study - Programmatic

/ The Brief

Digital Out-Of-Home Drives Full-Funnel Performance Lift

Coegi used digital out-of-home media to drive lift across all KPIs for a multinational technology brand.

/ Highlights

6% Lift in Awareness
3% Lift in Consideration
9% Lift in Purchase Intent

/ Challenge

The Problem

Coegi was hired by a Chinese multinational technology company to drive awareness, consideration and purchase intent nationwide.

/ Solution

What we did

Coegi leveraged Vistar Media’s access to passive geo-location data to build a custom Small and Medium Business audience. The movement patterns of these consumers were analyzed in order to reach them via digital out-of-home media (DOOH), where they were most likely to be throughout the day. This process of programmatic buying automates a large portion of traditional out-of-home buys. The Vistar platform is able to sort through over 100,000 different venues to find screens where small and medium size business owners and decision makers pass by every day — and then activate media on the digital screens where these consumers have the highest likelihood to be. Coegi then retargeted consumers on their mobile devices to reinforce campaign messaging and drive incremental lift higher. 

Throughout the lifetime of the campaign, over 55+ Million impressions served. These impressions spanned over 37 DMAs that had high concentrations of small business owners and IT Decision Makers. Further refined down to 24 Venue Types that have been shown to be where these users frequent with specific focus on venue types that have been shown to drive the most brand lift. 

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