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With inflation, material shortages, and cost of living crises, people and businesses around the world are feeling the pinch. Nobody reasonable would look forward to downturn, but necessity is the mother of invention and history shows us that times of struggle can encourage leaps of creativity. How are advertisers and brands getting creative in this particular time of strife, and how will the industry weather the difficult times ahead? We asked 7 agency leaders from The Drum Network.

Allie Webb, marketing and innovation strategist at Coegi

When clients have a limited budget compared to competitors, we must strategically focus more on the research portion of the customer journey. Why? Because 30% of people go with a different brand once they start researching. This allows us to draft off of the broader awareness spend of major players in the space while capturing attention by highlighting key differentiators of our brands. From there, we test creative messaging and corresponding audience engagement.

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