Digital Trends for 2022 – What You Need to Know

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In the past two years, there have been significant shifts in the marketing and advertising landscape. From COVID-19 to privacy changes to evolving and growing social media channels, there is a lot to keep track of (and look forward to) in 2022. We asked the Coegi Account Strategy team what they predict will be trending in 2022. The following playbook uncovers seven of the top digital trends they predict.

  1. Pandemic-Driven Shift to Digital
  2. Cookie-less Future Preparation
  3. Updates to Privacy Policies
  4. Demand for Performance-Based Marketing Strategy
  5. Need for Audience Testing
  6. Evolving Creative Messaging
  7. Shrinking of the Sales Funnel

Download the guide to learn more about what to anticipate for digital trends in 2022!

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