Driving Healthcare Recruitment with Social Media Marketing

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Driving Healthcare Recruitment with Social Media Marketing

With the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, a health system client set up a temporary vaccination site in their area to help administer vaccines to the community.

In just two weeks, this campaign was requested to be turned off. Why? It generated so many applications from the community they were able to fully staff the clinic.

/ Highlights

98,099 Impressions
$8.13 Cost Per Applicant
25% Total % Budget Spent

/ Challenge

The health system set up a temporary vaccination site to administer COVID-19 vaccines to the community. They needed to staff this clinic as soon as possible before the grand opening. The positions to be filled varied from registered nurses, administrative workers, and parking lot attendants. With a budget constraint of just over $4K, we had to make their recruiting dollars stretch as far as possible.

/ Solution

Paid social advertising is sharable and can generate high volumes of earned impressions. Knowing this, we quickly implemented a social media healthcare recruiting campaign using in-feed ads with a conversions objective. Given the $4K budget constraint, we removed LinkedIn from our consideration set because it typically has higher CPM rates.

Instead, we activated Facebook and Instagram to target job-seekers with interest in entry-level, part-time, or temporary work. To reach the wide variety of potential applicants, we targeted adults 18+ living within 50 miles of their city. Our team set up a custom conversion event to track application form submissions. This served as both our KPI and optimization point.

This social strategy generated over 98,000 impressions and achieved the healthcare system’s hiring goals within two weeks, using only a quarter of their budget.


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