Driving Lead Generation on TikTok for a Community College

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/ The Brief

Driving Lead Generation on TikTok for a Community College

A community college client wanted to test campaign performance with TikTok Lead Generation, ahead of their major Fall and Spring campaigns. 

/ Highlights

15 Lead Form Submissions
4:1 Student to Parent Submission Ratio

/ Challenge

Coegi serves a number of education partners ranging from large public institutions to small private colleges all across the nation. A challenge facing any education client is operating in a constantly changing digital landscape. Student audiences tend to adapt quickly to new forms of social media and move on from older platforms just as quickly. A community college in San Jose, CA wanted to face this challenge head on by exploring TikTok Lead Generation ads. 

/ Solution

TikTok has experienced enormous success since its inception back in 2016. This growth was spurred even more by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. It forced many users to move their entire daily lives online. Part of TikTok’s success among younger audiences can be attributed to the general popularity of video content among these audiences. Video content has been trending upward across Instagram and Snapchat for several years as well. As many social media platforms have experienced before, with growth, comes greater advertising capabilities. In April 2021, TikTok launched a new lead generation capability, enabling advertisers to capture user data. 

Lead generation campaigns can be great solutions for educational partners because leads are strong indicators of user interest. They also provide valuable information to universities and colleges. This can be used to retarget interested students and encourage them to apply or request more information. Bringing lead generation to TikTok, where students are spending the most time, is an exciting step for the education industry. 

Coegi developed a one month test campaign on TikTok targeted at high school students, likely college students, and parents of students. It ran during the summer, which allowed Coegi to test this tactic during the lighter months of the education advertising cycle. This was important to not conflict with higher spend campaigns during the fall. 

This campaign garnered 15 leads during its one month flight. Students made up 12 out of the 15 total leads generated with parents generating the final 3 leads. We are excited about these results for a number of reasons. First, the call to action to fill out the lead form appears only after the viewer has watched 10-15 seconds of the ad. This means users were not immediately scrolling past the ad. Additionally, this was likely the first time many of our users saw or interacted with a lead generation ad on TikTok as the tactic is still new. The breakdown of students vs. parents submitting leads is also exciting because parents have traditionally been the highest converting audience on social for education brands.

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